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Build in 1820, the Castle of Sazay is one of the rare "Restauration" period castles in France.

It is composed by a main building and two wings enclosing the "honor courtyard",
situated on the north side.

North frontage South frontage
The "honor courtyard"
On the south side, the building is turned on the garden.

The dwelling is in the west wing (boxed on the picture). Aerial view The swimming pool (in grey on the picture), is sunny all daytime.

he castle is classified as an historic monument.
Castle history
During religious wars, Sazay was a catholic stronghold.

In 1587, Henri de Navarre, future king Henri IV, took the castle.
Old map of the castle
Historic - Région
In 1720, the castle is still a stronghold of the region even though its bad state.
Its owner, Jean Gerbier de Mouchedune, lawyer in Niort, demolished it and built the current castle between 1820 and 1826.

The castle is sold in 1871 to Ernest Martin de Beaucé, engineer in La Rochelle.
Architect's project
Historic - The "Canal" in  1910 Since this moment,
the castle stayed in the same family,
the current owners are the 6th generation.
Historic - The "honor courtyard"

Logis du chateau de Sazay - Gite du Marais Poitevin
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